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How to spice up your food using cheese

How to spice up your food using cheese
With so many cheese varieties available today, you can easily add cheese to any kind of food and change it from being an ordinary dish to something unforgettable. Ranging from simple dishes such as hash browns or eggs to more complex dishes that incorporate fine technique like soufflé or panner vegetable pizza, you can count on cheese to make everything much better. In fact, even for dishes already having cheese as the primary ingredient such as cheese and macaroni, you can try spicing it up with a flavored or smoked cheese.

For starters, you can use cheese to spice up ordinary burgers and make them better than you can possibly imagine. This can be done easily by adding crumbled feta cheese on the burger mixture before you cook it. Typically, cheese adds moisture to your bugger as well as giving it an awesomely great flavor. In addition, you can as well experiment with bleu cheese like Stilton or Roquefort for your burger middling or you can use it for topping purposes as well. Intensity of blue cheese becomes pretty delicious when incorporated with a meaty rich burger and it is not even important to add any condiments for making your burger special. Britannia cheese slice also can give your food a different, unique flavor.

Think about Quesadillas which can be spiced up very easily using cheese. These naturally showcase fresh vegetables, delicious cheeses and grilled meats. A typical quesadilla is normally prepared by fried cheese between tortilla shells. If you are craving for an authentic, delicious Mexican dish and make use of Quesco Oazaca and the delicious Britannia cheese slice will stand out conspicuously. In addition, you can as well use jalapeno cheddar to give your food a delicious, cheesy treat. This versatile dish comprises of grilled chicken or shrimp or beef strips combined with your preferred option for cheeses and meat.

Also, if you want to make a sandwich of homey grilled cheese with a unique kick, just add some tasty green chilies into the cheddar cheese just before you make the sandwich. To get an extra kick on your panner vegetable pizza, you can use some spicy jalapeno cheddar. Adding some sliced tomatoes is a good way of preparing a milder version of this dish as it cuts down the amount of chilies. You can also boost grilled cheese sandwiches to higher levels through addition of gourmet ingredients. Just try experimenting with some provolone, Gouda or gruyere to your toasted brioche and you will be thrilled with the melted, delicious gourmet treat. 

Potato soup can also be spiced up using cheese by adding some Swiss, pepper jack or cheddar cheese. This also improves the flavor of your tomato soup and takes it to new levels. While chicken soup is an obvious favorite for many, adding cheddar gives it a great flavor. Make a point of spicing up chicken soup by addition of pepper jack cheese and chorizo sausage for a unique twist.

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