Saturday, 30 November 2013

Why Empowering the Girl Child in India is beneficial

Why Empowering the Girl Child in India is beneficial
In the traditional cultural settings, the girl child used to be the most overlooked member of the society. This isn’t to say that people who lived during those times were primitive but investing in a girl child e.g. through education was regarded as a sheer waste of resources. Girls in India, just like in most other countries were only prepared for marriage. In most communities and families, girls had no status or protection and inequality was so much entrenched to the extent that no one even questioned it. However, things have considerably changed in the 21st century and everyone seems to be talking about the many benefits that come with empowering the girl child in India. People have come to terms with the fact that empowering the girl child empowers everyone in the society. 

These days, girls who are healthy, free and educated are able to transform the community for the better and even pass on these benefits down the line in the society. Yet, the truth of the matter is that the society in India still treats women as second class citizens and girls are nearly ignored completely most of the times. That is why today, some people and organizations especially NGOs have taken it upon themselves to promoting girl child education in India. At last, the girl child is no longer invisible in the eyes of the society. The Indian government has been on the front line, specifically focusing on economic independence and education of girl child. 

Policies have also been put in place to prevent violence against women and girls to ensure that they enjoy the same rights like everyone else. Girls are now been given priority when it comes to matters of education. In fact, everyone seems to be sharing the view that educating girls is educating the nation. Everyone is doing everything possible to ensure that girls are able to go to schools. Empowering the girl child in India is of critical importance considering that girls are mothers of tomorrow’s nation/ generation. As such, girls need education so that they can be good mothers so that they can create a productive and very good future generation. 

Investing in girl child education in India is of course not a waste of resources but rather, it is an investment that everyone one in the society must make. By education girls, we are able to improve the hygiene and health in families and our homes. This is because they will know what they need to do and exactly how it needs to be done. Denying a girl child her right to education is simply like destroying her talent. Girls’ talents can be very beneficial to the community at large and it is only fair that they are given an opportunity of developing themselves. If we need to see our community developing and growing, we must carry everyone on board especially the girl child. By empowering the girl child in India, we help girls realize their purpose in the world and this impacts on everyone positively.

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