Saturday, 30 November 2013

The role played by NGO in Child Education Campaigns

The role played by NGO in Child Education Campaigns
NGOs working in the education sector are professional innovators and resource centers able to offer these vital services to children who are disadvantaged educationally. By enhancing its collaboration with these organizations, the government can significantly enhance the efficacy of primary education in the country. NGOs play a critical role of extending education services to the underprivileged Indian children and develop key innovations that enhance education quality. NGO in India has been quite successful in encouraging all the stakeholders to support and donate for girl child education in the country. They have managed to extend the quality of education especially for children living in slums in different parts of a country. 

The purpose of child education campaigns is to enhance responsibility among citizens in supporting the children and education NGOs are working tirelessly towards fulfilling this mission. There are millions of children in India who have been deprived of their basic right of getting education. Despite the Indian government taking up various welfare programs, campaigns and activities to boost accessibility to education services, they are unfortunately not able to reach their target due to some greedy and selfish middlemen. Fortunately, NGO in India has proved to be very successful in disguising the situation. There are a number of NGOs operating successfully in different cities in India in their efforts of supporting girls education. They have managed to uplift the downtrodden and poor people and made it possible for them to access educational resources. 

It has always been proved time and again that neither the NGO nor government can single handily be successful in promoting education. These two bodies must collaborate so that the task can be accomplished successfully. These ensures that all the different aspects involved get the best kind of attention and are able to contribute and donate for girl child education. For starters, in conjunction with the government, NGO India is able to target children living in slums and motivate them to search for education. Providing quality education in the slums is quite a challenge considering that most of these children opt to go for work rather than going to school. NGOs work tirelessly to convince the parents to ensure their children go to school and create an interesting and conducive environment. 

Indian constitution recognizes education as one of the fundamental rights and every child must have an opportunity of attending school. Educational NGOs help in training the teachers on useful techniques they can use to support girls education. Education campaigns help in setting up a common vision for welfare programs initiated by the government and other stakeholders. NGOs are service oriented and work hard to ensure that the community at large benefits from their services. To give the education sector a competitive advantage, NGO needs to evaluate their child education campaigns constantly and redefine the strategies they apply in encouraging people to donate for girl child education in the country. By working in unison with other stakeholders, the NGO is able to enhance the percentage of literacy in the country.

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