Thursday, 1 August 2013

Ab split testing

Ab split testing
  By use of some of the best landing page designs, marketers can dramatically boost their conversion rates within a very short time. Marketers have two testing options available at their disposal; Ab split testing and multivariate testing. As far as multivariate testing is concerned, marketers usually mix and then match a certain number of page elements like call to action messages, layout, headline and images at once. This kind of combination is known to produce great results. Unfortunately, most marketers agree that multivariate testing is very complicated to set up and analyzing the results is also not easy. 

On the other hand, Ab split testing is basically simple and not complex in any way. Its name is derived from the fact that there are two landing page versions used; A and B during the test. On the issue of ‘split testing’, this refers to randomly assigning new visitors the page version which they see. As such, the traffic is said to be split where the two versions are showcased in a parallel manner during the entire period of data collection which is done in two equal proportions. Ab split testing has a range of advantages compared to the multivariate testing method. 

First, when the test is being done in pages with few daily conversions, Ab split testing is very useful as it would be unwise to make use of highly advanced testing methods. Implementation of test results is also easy as most of the software packages available are able to support Ab split testing thanks to its rather simple nature. In fact data can even be collected by use of available web analysis tools and still give reliable results. The ease in which the test design is done also makes it highly favourable among marketers as the tests do not necessarily have to be balanced or designed carefully.

More over, analysis of the results is easy as winners are determined by use of just basic statistical tests. The only thing that requires to be done is comparison of baseline versions against each of the challengers to know if you have reached desired confidence level as per the statistics. There is also the advantage of increased flexibility when defining variable values. However, Ab split testing is also not immune from disadvantages as one of its drawbacks is that the data collection method is highly ineffective and might not give reliable results as such. 

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