Thursday, 1 August 2013

Evolution of Google and other search engines

Evolution of Google and other search engines
In 1994, Yahoo introduced the first known search engine and after the release of yahoo, the concept of SEO began almost immediately. Before then, people were simply wandering all over the internet without any address book or road map. Today, there has not only been introduction of other great search engines like Google but they also continue to evolve constantly, presenting numerous opportunities to online business owners. However, for marketers, the evolving nature of search engines has only presented a range of never ending challenges as they try to take advantage of any evolution made. 

Google continues to evolve alongside other search engines. A good example of such evolution is Google +. Back then when Google was introduced, a page had only ten links displaying the search results. However, if you have observed Google of late, you might have realized that the search engine has gone through dramatic changes. For instance, about three years ago, Google started customizing search results. In this regard, search results displayed were biased depending on physical location and prior queries made by the person. Rather than utilizing its initial concept that one size suits all, without considering what you searched for previously and your location, Google has started giving individual based search results that are exactly personalized to what you are searching for. 

Of late, Google has put in place specific programs which teach the search engine what you need specifically. This way, it will give results as to what you actually searched for as an individual and with Google+, it is able to know about your friends. On top of this, Google knows what your Google+ friends like most and in this regard, the results displayed will reflect this in order to suit your specific tastes. In fact, anticipations have given a hint that in future, once you are logged in to your Google+ account, they will know exactly where you are located as you conduct the search such as at the coffee shop or on the plane. With such variables put in place, it will be easy for Google to deliver specific web search results which you have tailored specifically to your needs. 

Over time, other search engines have evolved as well especially Bing and Yahoo even though they are still far away from Google which commands over 75% of total web searches made. Bing has made a notable increase on its market share, which it has enjoyed from the shrinkage of AOL’s and Yahoo’s market share. 

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