Thursday, 1 August 2013

Government hypnosis

Government hypnosis
The issue of government hypnosis and mind control has experienced a lot of misunderstandings and misconceptions from most people. Some people are always digging up the internet in search of any information regarding government hypnosis and mind control. In fact, there are many websites, articles and other online platforms like blogs that condemn the government for using hypnosis to achieve certain objectives. In some cases, there is plenty of information and stories of government using electroshock and drugs to turn some people to zombie. This way, you would get completely submissive to the government and do exactly what they are told without thinking. 

Actually, most of the accounts available on the internet regarding government hypnosis are not accurate. Actually, the government has conducted various experiments on mind control and the idea among some people that the government is using its citizens like guinea pigs is ill founded. Mind control and hypnosis is all about persuasion and influence. The issue of controlling your subject’s mind directly doesn’t arise at all. And in any case, unless the person is willing to get hypnotized, it is not easy to make them submissive to you. 

The internet is full of misconceptions and baseless arguments regarding government hypnosis. First of all, one should understand that hypnosis process is not similar to a typical spiritual experience. The truth is that hypnosis is a state in which the subject gets completely relaxed and lets the suggestions given not to pass through the conscious mind which is very critical in decision making. Typically, a person has a conscious and subconscious mind. Drugging a person completely is the only way to gain complete control of the mind. When the mind is drugged, the mind stops to function and the person and the person becomes like just a sleepy animal. 

However, this is not to say that government hypnosis doesn’t exist at all. There are times in which government experiments on mind control tend to go too far and become unquestionable. A good case is the story involving Sir Han Sir Han. In such cases, people tend to start raising questions on what the actual intention of the government could be. However, the truth is that most of these experiments on government hypnosis are set up by some people with ill motives. As such, it is not a wise thing to follow manipulated information on the internet that tends to make people think that the government is in the efforts of turning people to zombies. 

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