Thursday, 1 August 2013

Attractive and High-Converting Website

Attractive and High-Converting Website
Most beginners tend to overlook the importance of observing their website conversion rate which is a grave mistake that should be avoided. Having an attractive website means that your site visitors will actually stay at your website and possibly make a purchase. To increase your sales revenue, it is essential you think of how you can have an Attractive and High-Converting Website. This can be achieved by having a persuasive site with nice text and testing it frequently. 

One of the areas that you should concentrate on in order to have an attractive website with a high conversion rate is your headline and content. The first thing that a visitor to your site will see is the headline. It is advisable that the headline be a description of the major benefits that your product offers and then highlight key information contained in the entire content. Also, the attractiveness of the website will also be impacted greatly by the styles and sizes of texts. Typing everything in your website in the same theme such as Times News Roman makes it boring and undesirable. An Attractive and High-Converting Website requires that the content is written in attractive styles that will make the visitor fascinated and want to stick around your website more.

Something else that will have a huge impact on your website attractiveness and conversion is the images you post and overall color of your site. Use of different styles and colors creates a massive effect to your audience. A website’s sales page that is designed in simply black and plain texts has nothing attractive in it that would make the customer to consider buying from you. Images are known to impact hugely on conversion rates. The images should also be relevant to your products and should majorly be a highlight of major benefits offered by the product. The images should have a caption under them and clickable as well. 

Incentives are also a great feature in an Attractive and High-Converting Website as the incentives will increase the interest of visitors to buy from you. Also, you must create anticipation and excitement about the products so that you can trigger an interest from visitors to buy from you. Lastly, to achieve a high conversation rate, you must have a section calling buyers to action. Things such as purchase now, sign up today and limited time only will also make the visitors consider buying from you rather than just leaving it to the visitors to make a decision on whether to buy you or not. 

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