Thursday, 1 August 2013

How powerful are the alpha brain waves?

How powerful are the alpha brain waves?
The alpha brain wave presents a state of deep relaxation which is normally felt by closing the eyes during sleep and meditation. This is the right state of mind that you can program yourself for success in addition to heightening the levels of imagination, concentration, learning, memory and visualization. The alpha brain wave acts as the gateway to subconscious. The alpha waves are mostly emitted when a person takes a break from work or when relaxing. In addition, alpha brain waves will also be emitted during meditation. However, the wave is characterized by relative slowness with its average frequency ranging between 7 and 13 pulses/ second. 

The alpha brain waves have an amazing power that a layman might not easily understand. There are some people who are able to see things which average people are not able to see and it is not that they use magic to achieve this. Others will tell you what will happen in the near future before it happens and others have the ability of describing remote places which they have never visited before. As if this wasn’t enough, some people will use mental imagery to cure themselves rather than using modern medications. 

Well, most of these happenings might seem impossible but the truth is that they are performed by normal people without using any unseen forces. What is even funny is that people who exhibit these mental abilities are neither clairvoyants nor psychics but are ordinary persons like office workers, sales men, businessmen, doctors, housewives, lawyers and others are clergy men like lay ministers and nuns. 

But what do all these individuals have in common? The truth is that they are capable of focusing their minds at a specific task at any given time. During this time, they will make their bodies completely relaxed and their brain waves will be reduced to alpha brain rhythm. These refer to the power of alpha brain waves which are also special in their own way. The brain rhythm results from slowing down the brain waves through meditation or relaxation. However, if you fall asleep or become unconscious, they will result to delta waves. 

The alpha brain waves come about by reducing brain waves frequency but making sure you don’t fall asleep. In other words, you mental state is completely relaxed, focused and alert and it is at this point when you can have the powers to do this that might seem abnormal as highlighted here above. 

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