Thursday, 1 August 2013

Evolution of SEO

Evolution of SEO
Seo is an abbreviation used to mean ‘search engine optimization’. Seo mainly focuses on in increasing website traffic, increasing website enquiries and boosting website ranking. Currently, there have been some myths and roumers circulating on the internet saying that seo is completely dead and with time, it will be rendered unnecessary. However, considering where seo has evolved from, you shouldn’t think that seo is going to disappear any time soon. While most people are actually familiar about seo to some extent, not so many of them have an idea of the origins of seo or its future prospects.

A couple of years back around the year 1996, the main searched engine was Alta Vista. With Google not yet born, Yahoo on the other hand was just a small site that not so many people knew about it. At this time, the hype about SEO was not yet out but it was being developed in the background and there was high anticipation of SEO services being set up. Over the next couple of years, search engines started to experience some level of maturity and there was increased competition among the various search engines. This stemmed from the fact that every search engine used to have its unique way on how websites were ranked for various search terms. The era also led to the birth of pagerank, trustrank and link popularity. 

As websites continued to grow bigger and become more advanced, crawling and indexing issues were created. For instance, navigation issues, canonicalization, redirects and issues with duplicate content. This led to the merging of marketing and SEO; with the implication that those who practiced traditional SEO as had to learn about internet marketing in order to remain relevant in the industry. Some of the old seo strategies included title tags, Meta tags, metric system, internal linking and bookmark link strategies. Currently, seo strategies have continued to grow tremendously with new techniques such as social media and content freshness being introduced. Even though most people tend to think that traditional seo is dead, this is not the case. It has evolved and transformed itself to what is referred as modern seo. 

Most of the marketing agencies provide seo services. However, agencies that specialize precisely on seo have the necessary knowledge on latest seo techniques and strategies. They work tirelessly in ensuring that your website is ranked on first page results of Google and other search engines by giving it a higher ranking. 

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