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Hypno birthing: How it works

Hypno birthing: How it works
Hypno birthing is described as a calmer, relaxed natural childbirth. When you realize that you are in labor, this process requires that you focus your breathing until you are fully hypnotized and in a state of deep relaxation. Your eyes will close and you stay in such a deep hypnosis state until you are done delivering the baby. At this state, you will definitely hear everything around you and you can still respond when you need to do so. However, being in a state of intense relaxation, you will even find yourself sleeping between the contractions and having an easy delivery. 

During hypno delivery, don’t get surprised that even the last minutes when delivering through the vagina will involve no pushing or screaming. All you need to do is to breathe deeply and your body will push the baby down in a natural way. This un-medicated, calm childbirth is a technique that requires the coordination of the body and mind while providing you with a natural delivery experience. Hypno birthing involves less pain compared to other delivery methods and more control by the mother. 

While most people might tend to think that self hypnosis during childbirth is a new delivery concept, the truth is that this process has been around for centuries. However, with various celebrity moms such as Tiffani Thiessen and Jessica Alaba delivering through self hypnosis, the process has become quite popular in recent times. In fact, classes have currently been developed on different programs which have publized this type of birthing even more. Nevertheless, the philosophy still lies on the fact that women were naturally intended to give birth in an easier way without fearing childbirth incites like physical birth. As such, if you think that labor is undoubtedly risk, hypno birthing can give you a better, painless delivery alternative. 

The increased fear that develop during labor activates the flight or fight mechanism which hiders the process of labor and leads to uterine pain. When the body is in a flight mode, it is impossible for it to get relaxed physically. As such, the birthing aims at replacing the fear with deep relaxation. In such a situation different labor hormones including oxytocin, endorphins and prostaglandins are introduced. This makes the muscles to relax and makes the woman feel much more comfortable during delivery. 

Hypno birthing is all about learning and implementing visualization and breathing techniques. You learn how to envision having an easy painless birth and the cervix getting opened widely for the baby to effortlessly come out. 

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