Thursday, 1 August 2013

How Is Hypnotherapy Different From Meditation?

How Is Hypnotherapy Different From Meditation?
Most people are eager to know about the difference between hypnotherapy and meditation as these two can be quite confusing. First of all, it is essential for you to understand that both hypnosis and meditation have an element of focusing your mind as directed purposively. Hypnosis is mostly said to be a state of mind characterized by deep relaxation. However, such a definition of hypnosis is short of some key elements that give a better how is hypnotherapy different from meditation. Ideally, hypnotherapy is better termed as a state of mind which makes people more focused, more disassociated and more suggestible.

After suffering from a horrible traumatic experience, people tend to be more suggestible infinitely. In fact, there are those who will still respond to a trauma many years after the incidence happened and this can lead them back to their original trauma. Hypnosis is a treatment tool used by therapists either knowingly or unknowingly. When thinking about the difference between hypnotherapy and meditation, perhaps the main thing that you should really focus on is the purpose of either of these two treatments. Actually, experts in this field will tell you that trying to figure out the difference between these two is like trying to differentiate between wine and alcohol. 

While looking at how is hypnotherapy different from meditation, you should know that meditation is mostly seen as a specialized, very specific use of a hypnotic state and it is a part of the broader spiritual system. Essentially, meditation is mostly explained to be absence of all thoughts. Meditation practitioners aim at having still minds, free from any conscious thoughts. To enter in a meditation state, you will need to focus on something like images or breathing. On the other hand, hypnotherapy aims at a more specified therapeutic outcome like qui phobias and weight loss. At the start of a hypnosis session, hypnotherapists tend to apply certain techniques related to meditation as a way of eliminating mind consciousness.

While hypnosis tends to add another meditation level, you shouldn’t think that it is more superior in anyway than meditation. With the still mind acquired through meditation, you can gain great insights as well. Just like other body parts, efficiency of the mind is enhanced when given some time to relax and given adequate rest. Both meditation and hypnosis are very effective in improving an individual’s well being. If you find that meditation offers better results to you, then you should focus on meditating. On the other hand, if you get fearful thoughts when trying to get your mind still through meditation, it is best that you try hypnosis. 

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