Thursday, 1 August 2013

From tired to energized

From tired to energized
In the modern busy world, hearing about people complaining of tiredness is no longer a surprise any more. Being tired has become the order of the day and even if you spent the entire day in bed, you will still end up being tired. For you to stop having such tiredness feeling, it is essential you learn a few tricks that can help keep your spirit energized always. 

One of the simple things that can move you from tired to energized is taking a shower which will help you feel fresh and relaxed. Showering with some cold water will significantly help energize your body as such coldness is capable of awakening your senses. This makes you alert and fully active.

Another great way to fight tiredness is dressing up in your best clothes. Consider yourself wearing pajamas. Just by the simple fact that this cloth is designed for sleeping, you will start feeling tired and your mind will only be thinking of how it can lay down or catch some sleep. In such cases just dress up and put on your smart casual wear and you will definitely start feeling energized. Reflecting yourself at the mirror will also build your mindset by telling the body it should be going out or doing some work. 

Vent can hinder you from moving from tired to energized as keeping all things to yourself will increase the burden you feel inside you. All the negative feelings such as anger and fear as well as hurt tend to accumulate in your body and rather than finding a solution, you simply aggravate the solution. When something is bothering you, it is advisable that you share it with a good friend or a trusted family member and you will feel completely relieved. This will make the heavy things you feel inside you become lighter and you will energize your mind even more. 

Listening to your favorite music will also help move you from tired to energized thanks to its soothing and calming effects. Music impacts positively on people and most people feel relaxed by just listening to cool music. This is because the brain is capable of processing the sweet sound of music and your worries tend to dissolve slowly by slowly. Negative feelings will also cause tiredness and hatred which drags your stored energy down. As such, it is always good that you forgive and forget and you will enjoy an energetic, happy life. 

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