Thursday, 1 August 2013

The superconscious mind

The superconscious mind
When it comes to hypnosis, the process generally refers to gaining access to the subject’s subconscious mind. While people have access to the superconsious mind, there is no doubt that subconscious state of mind is characterized by a lot of limitations. In fact, most hypnotists tend to argue that individuals have little to no access to the resources harbored in this state of mind. Ideally, the mind is only one but for the sake of understanding and convenience, it is divided in three different minds according to the functions. 

Accessing the superconsious mind is not something that happens always but it is necessary. This part of mind is the one which helps people achieve goals in life that they otherwise perceive to be impossible and are in most cases categorized as miracles. In the spiritual literature, this part of mind is likened to God or the Universal Mind. It is used to refer to the source for all knowledge, all power, peace and all love. This mind also has no limits of space or time. In that case, this mind is referred to as one mind or omnipresent. 

As such, any kind of limitations that people face in life are as a result of holding too much on the subconscious mind. For you to overcome and conquer the limitations of your life, it is essential that you focus your superconsious mind with both the subconscious and conscious mind. Nevertheless, you cab access such a stage of thinking through hypnosis. Engaging this part of mind in your thinking is a process referred to as the de- hypnosis. This process aims at getting yourself from your limiting beliefs and trying to figure out the relationship you have with the world. 

In order to tap the full potential of your superconsious mind, the first thing you should do is deciding on what you want exactly. However, this is the major problem with many people since they are not aware of the things they need in world. You will also need to have your goals written clearly in detail. It is essential that you write all the goals in a simple way and prioritize your needs. To move close to achieving the goals, you should visualize them repeatedly and perceive them as if they are already a reality in your life. Lastly, you should behave confidently so that the superconsious mind is able to bring the goals to a reality. 

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