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Experiencing theta brain rhythm?

Experiencing theta brain rhythm?
The theta brain wave usually presents itself during times of light sleep and deep meditation. It is the climax of subconscious which is momentarily experienced as you fall asleep and waking from a deep sleep. This brain frequency is also said to be the state in which human beings have unity with their universe and experience a deep sense of spiritual connection. It is during theta that you experience those vivid visualizations, experience profound creativity, exceptional eyesight and vivid visualizations. As such, theta brain waives are emitted when the brain is in a moment of reduced mental consciousness and they are slower compared to alpha waves. Ideally, theta waves become emitted when undertaking normal daily tasks like brushing the teeth and driving.

Theta brain waves are a positive state of the mind and are associated with daydreaming effects and have a frequency of between 4 and 8 pulses/ second. Assume that you just woken up early in the morning as usual but you are still trying to memorize the details of the dream you had last night. For sometime, you are able to hold your thoughts to the fantastic reality of the dream as you feel its contour and texture. During this time, you are very cautious not to make any movement or blink so that you can still continue keeping the experience you had alive. 

However, at this moment, a part of yourself is actually waking up but suddenly something disturbs your focus. Suddenly, your good dream evaporates in thin air and you can’t remember anything more. You are awake completely and the reality of the dream fades away as your memory gets dull and the dream fades away completely. Actually, when you were experiencing the precious moments, your brain rhythm was in theta and it is between the period of waking and sleeping. 

As such, theta brain wave makes you experience the world in a rather different way. There are various circumstances that promote your brainwaves to get into theta rhythm and during this moment, you can access a greater sense of creativity. You get to experience the reality in a more vivid manner and in a multi dimensional. During this moment when you are between sleep and wake, you are able to experience the reality away from the normal bounding conditions. The feeling experienced in theta brain rhythm is so visceral, so real and completely wonderful but it disappears once you become awake and fully conscious. 

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