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Effects of boosting brain waves- The beta

Effects of boosting brain waves- The beta
Any human being should strive to understand and gain useful knowledge on the way in which brain determines their state of mind. Even though most people try to get happier by concentrating on their emotions, the more spiritual people on the other hand understand that the subconscious and brain waves play a critical role in search for fulfillment. 

The beta brain wave is essentially the reasoning wave and waking consciousness. It is the beta frequency that is associated with increased state of critical reasoning, logic and alertness. Despite the fact that the beta brain wave is of specific importance when it comes to normal body function, beta waves can also result to restlessness, anxiety and stress. And with most people operating at beta wave, it is no wonder that one of the most common and worrying health problems is stress.

Emanation of beta brain waves occurs when the brain of a person is active and aroused. Events that are aimed at stimulating the mental state of an individual actually cause beta waves. In addition the beta brain waves also get admitted during fright, sensual arousal and agitation. The frequency of the beta brain waves usually range between 13 and 60 pulses/ second and this is undoubtedly the most common brain wave among people. Boosting brain waves, whether the beta waves or the other types is something that anyone would be compelled to do. After a day’s work is over and you are back at home lying at the sofa as you watch the television, you feel meditative, separate and relaxed. 

During relaxation, what actually happens is that the brain waves shift from the beta brain waves and alpha waves take over. Brain waves essentially represent electrical activity of the brain and as you might already know, brain is basically an electrochemical body organ. In fact, estimations argue that a typical brain has the ability of producing as many as 10 electrical power watts. Recently, researchers have realized that when the beta brain is boosted, it might result in slowing down movement in humans. 

Well, this is something that most people might not come into terms with but it is the reality. Nevertheless, the truth of the matter is that increased beta brain waves might slow down the movement of a human being by 10%. In fact treatment for diseases characterized b slowed movement such as chorea and dystonia normally targets the beta brain waves. 

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