Thursday, 1 August 2013

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization
Assume that you have created a killer site for your online business, written great content and hired the best search engine optimization services to have your website leveraged effectively for search engines. With such a website, you expect that you will expect a large number of visitors and make huge sales. 

Unfortunately, you realize that your sales are quite low and not anywhere near your expectations. With such a case, you can’t help but wonder why things are turning up this way even after executing everything with precision. Most likely, you have overlooked a crucial aspect known as website Conversion Rate Optimization. 

The past couple of years have seen the internet evolve from being a relatively unknown market platform to become the most competitive marketing place. This makes it rather difficult to reach the highest SERP’s. Also, if you are thinking about organic traffic, you can decide to use paid search to complement your search engine optimization efforts. Unfortunately, even if you combine all these, you might end up experiencing plateau traffic with little conversion of visits to sales. 

In short, it is essential you understand that making your online business successful is not all about traffic. To be successful, you must think about converting the visitors to real customers so that your seo techniques can be successful. 

Conversion of visitors to buyers should be the main goal of any online entrepreneur. Conversion Rate Optimization refers to percentage of website visitors who end up performing your desired action while at the site. In this case, you must appreciate the fact that websites have a range of objectives that they wish to accomplish from any visitor coming to their site. 

Such goals are such as making actual purchases, submitting sales inquiries, subscribing to promotional offers and signing up to receive your newsletter and other resources. These goals are broadly classified as informational conversation, transformational conversion and transactional conversion. 

An increased Conversion Rate Optimization leads to more customers for the business. This is characterized through high sales revenues or profits. Still, this will also mean that the cost of customer acquisition will be reduced and the business is able to rake in higher revenues than the competitors even where they might be receiving more visitors than you. 

With increased profits resulting from optimizing your conversion rate, your business website will become more robust. You can even use the higher revenue for consolidating your presence online and expanding your business offerings. 

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  1. Conversion Rate Optimization is the way of converting online visitors to customers. Better the services provided better option to draw customers.

    1. That's true Sean. Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Thanks James for this great detail about conversion rate optimization. The main goal of every website is to have higher conversion rate. And in this post you have provided a rich guidance about how to work on this factor.
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