Thursday, 1 August 2013

Using analytics to keep track of your website statistics

Using analytics to keep track of your website statistics
Web analytics help webmasters in tracking statistics about their websites by proving a wide range of information such as number of visitors to the website, the website they come from before visiting your site and other necessary information. This gives a big picture about your website audience. However, with a range of web analytic tools available today, most people find themselves confused on the right one to use. The analytics help in tracking major metrics in your website and you can easily measure the traffic as well as gaining a better understanding of the needs and behaviors of your visitors.

It is essential that you select the right analytic tool depending on the nature of your website. However, before you even start looking at the various tools available, you should know about the data that need to be analyzed. Essentially, what will be tracked will be different among different webmasters and will range from simple tracking of website traffic to complex monitoring and analysis of the behaviors of selected user groups. First of all, the most obvious thing that you will want to monitor is the number of visitors to your website in a given time period. Actually, this might not be clear or easy as most people tend to think.

You will need to get information about hits and even though tracking this metric doesn’t make a lot of sense, it will still do you a lot of good by getting information about it. Hits simply measure requests made for images, files and images. However, analytics experts say that hits are of no use when trying to understand exactly what visitors were doing at your website and only useful when getting information about server load.

Analytics will also track your site visits and this is perhaps the major reason why any webmaster would use them. The data sourced from the number of visits gives information about your website popularity. You can also continue to make comparisons about specific visitors to determine the return rate or whether visitors will just come once. Page views are also monitored using web analytics and simply give information on number of views made by a visitor. Analytics are also used in tracking the specific kind of visitors your website is receiving and most importantly, the main reason why they visit your website or what they do. Also, you will know the various pages and site features which engage them most.

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