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Dangers of hypnosis

Dangers of hypnosis
For independent thinkers, the idea of becoming hypnotized by others doesn’t go down well with them. Hypnosis takes subjects to a situation in which they get to respond to the verbal suggestions given. Actually, a normal person prefers making his or her mind on things they should do and those they shouldn’t do rather than being instructed. The idea of someone getting into your head and manipulating your thinking might not be taken kindly by most people. The idea of hypnosis is sometimes associated with making the subject feel afraid and stubborn. Hypnosis takes away the liberty of people to think on their own and this is perceived as one of the dangers of hypnosis.

Nevertheless, for you to be hypnotized, you must be willing to go through the process. Hypnosis is also known to be useful especially when you are in a state of distraction or confusion. As an art of suggestion, hypnosis is used as a technique for influencing other people’s behaviors and attitudes. As far as hypnosis is concerned, there is no scientific evidence as such that can prove the hypnosis can be dangerous at times or always. Nevertheless, there have been cases when something bad happens to the persons being hypnotized. 

Morally, stage hypnosis has been claimed to be degrading for participants. In fact, most of them will tell you that they can’t remember anything that happened during the process. With no memory, several people have even suffered serious bodily injuries while being hypnotized. There have also been documentations of people who have become mentally and emotionally unstable as a result of hypnosis. In some cases, the culprits have had to be admitted to mental facilities and correction centers which prove that hypnosis is not always a safe procedure as such. 

Considering that hypnosis makes the subject mentally submissive to the hypnotist, this can have some far reaching effects and is considered among top dangers of hypnosis. Cases have been found whereby some adults started behaving like children after being hypnotized. In fact, some hypnotists are known to put their subjects at a situation in which they appear to be suffering from severe mental illness. 

In some cases, hypnosis has been used as a technique of ridiculing the subjects who end up being irresponsible. Sadly, cases of death resulting from hypnosis have also been documented. Nevertheless, with the two death cases, it wasn’t proved whether the death resulted directly from hypnosis or other related conditions. To avoid such dangers associated with hypnosis, it is essential that you always have complete control of your mind. 

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