Thursday, 1 August 2013

Subconscious, conscious and the superconsious mind

Subconscious, conscious and the superconsious mind
Every person comes into the world with three states of mind: conscious mind, sub conscious mind and super conscious mind. Trying to understand about these states can be a little hard for a layman. However, to make it easier, I will use the analogy of a computer. The conscious mind can be likened to the computer user or operator. People have different skills when it comes to efficiency in operating the computer. 

For some, they have no idea on how to undertake a simple task like turning the machine on. Proceeding on, the sub conscious state of mind can be likened to an infinite software program. A human has just one state of sub conscious mind. All the vibrations and thoughts from birth are stored in your subconscious mind. Super conscious mind is likened to the computer hard drive; otherwise known as ‘Mind of God’. 

Generally speaking, the conscious mind is simply your body. The mind gathers information and ideas from all the 5 senses. This includes what you touch, hear, see, taste and smell. This data is collected and stored in form of memory in your brain. From our previous analogy, the more you learn about operating your computer, the happier and more successful you become. The conscious mind is involved in making decisions. Actually, the conscious mind draws the difference in humanity. This mind is actually finite and just as it started, it will end one day. Unfortunately, most people do not make use of the maximum potential of their conscious mind. 

The sub conscious mind can be said to be human spirit and it is infinite in that it will never come to an end or die. The universe has only a single sub conscious mind which everyone is linked to. Once the conscious mind comes up with a thought, idea or statement, it is vibrated to the sub conscious mind where the negative and positive thoughts get stored and your sub conscious mind attracts either of them to define the person you are today. Lastly, super conscious mind is described as ‘Mind of God’. 

Once you have decided to take an action on the thoughts you have without any doubt, God will make your thoughts come a reality. To summarize this, the conscious minds comes with an idea, the sub conscious mind informs the mind how the thought will be put into action and achieved while super conscious mind makes your positive thought happen. 

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