Friday, 16 August 2013

Introducing HCG body shaper

Introducing HCG body shaper/ HCG aventura weight loss service/ know more about HCG Avocado dressing
About sixty years ago, the HCG weight loss protocol was introduced into the market by Dr. Albert Simeons. The main aim of the diet was to boost weight loss efforts among obese persons by promoting slimming without necessarily going through the usual hunger usual. After some years, the program sadly faded away but several companies soon afterwards resurrected it. One of these companies is the HCG body shaper which has been providing real HCG drops to the market.

Unfortunately, over time, there have been more and more companies coming up and promoting HCG products that contain no single trace of HCG in them. Even the recent FDA crackdown on such companies wasn’t successful as they have continued to sell scam products to unsuspecting customers. Nevertheless, this company is different from them in that it endeavors to ship actual strips of EPT with every order made and customers get a chance of testing if the HCG received is real themselves. As such, if you get any product from a HCG Chicago company, it is essential that you test it first before use. You can even buy cheap EPT strips just to be sure that you are using the real product that contains real HCG molecules. 

The HCG aventura weight loss service has of late passed a weight loss resolution in which it aims at developing support measures that aim at helping obese persons fight their condition. According to statistics taken, Florida State is ranked at number 28 as far as the level of obesity in the area is concerned. While this epidemic is actually preventable, it is reported that nearly 300, 000 persons die from the condition annually. Thankfully, HCH programs can really help a lot in containing this situation. HCG, Aventura Fl lose weight programs are quite useful when it comes to fighting the problem completely. 
The programs are more so effective among obese or overweight adults. While the current resolution passed aims at dealing with long term factors that focuses on weight loss like regular exercises and healthy eating, HCG program for weight loss produces dramatic results. In less than a month, users are able to witness wonderful results and get to forget about obesity for ever. If you are really suspicious about the HCG diet and wondering about its effectiveness, you need to consult a physician and learn how the program can really help in achieving desired body weight. 
 The HCG avocado is a legal recipe that can be used in HCG diet phase 3. It is easy to prepare as everything should be ready within 20 minutes provided you have all the ingredients ready with you. And talking about ingredients, you will need to have 3 avocados, 2 limes juice, a can of coconut milk, 3 table spoonfuls of chopped garlic, chopped cilantro and pepper and salt to taste. As far as directions for preparations are concerned, you will need to first mix the ingredients together and then take a blender to blend them until they are creamy. 

Put the container in a refrigerator and a serving of 2 tbsp should be done. According to the HCG calculator, this recipe has 22.0 calories. In its composition, the total fat content amounts to 2.2 g. 1.4 mg sodium, 0.0 mg of cholesterol, 0.8 g of the total carb, 0.3 g of dietary fiber and 0.3 g of protein. With this recipe, there is no way that obesity and overweight issues should continue being a problem to you anymore. Each recipe has 45 servings.

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