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The HCG levels chart

The HCG levels chart/ The HCG ban by FDA/ HCG diet chicken recipes
So you ask exactly what a HCG chart is all about? Well, you may not really know about it unless you consult a specialist and provide you with fertility assistance. It’s normal that you can get confused but shouldn’t make you feel foolish. The acronym HCG stands for the human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone that is of paramount importance for pregnant women. 
  The HCG levels chart can be of great importance during pregnancy considering that levels of HCG in the body are known to rise consistently for the first 12 weeks until which they undergo a plateau stage. In some cases, HCG charts so that the level of the hormone actually drops after this period. This explains the reason why women feel intense and much stronger pregnancy symptoms during the first 3 months/ trimester. During early pregnancy period, the level of HCG tends to double for every 3 days increasing at the highs of not less than 60% after every two days. However, this actually depends upon a particular woman and number of embryos being carried. In addition, other factors that determine the level of HCG is how the woman’s body has been responding to pregnancy and the general reaction of her body as it is unique from one woman to the other. 
 There has been lots of hype lately regarding the recent action of FDA on HCG. As such, most people are at a state of confusion as they don’t really understand exactly what the ban was all about. Actually, the HCG ban was targeted on certain companies that have been selling homeopathic HCG. According to the regulator, the way that the companies were marketing the products made them appear like new drugs that are not yet approved. According to FDA, it is possible for one to lose as much weight with 500 calorie diet even without necessarily using HCG. As such, some of the largest HCG online retailing companies were served with letters by the regulator. 

According to the letters, the companies were given 15 days in which they were supposed to remove details on their websites, marketing material and products which seem to suggest that HCG is a weight loss booster. As a result, there were some companies that were shut down and HCG banned completely from being sold by them. According to the regulators, whether HCG is vibrational, homeopathic or prescribed, it is not an approved weight loss aid. It is only approved to be used in fertility treatment and which resulted in the ban.
Most of the HCG diet recipes actually require that meat is weighed to about 100 grams per serving when raw. 

 The rest 500 calories should comprise of allowed fruits and vegetables. While cooking HCG chicken recipes, you shouldn’t add any fat or oil. There are different ways in which you can prepare the chicken including baking, broiling and grilling. Some of the chicken recipes for HCG that you can prepare are such as the balsamic chicken wraps, bun-less chicken burger, curry chicken and spinach, oven chicken salad, chicken cacciatore, chicken fajitas and others. 
 If you wish to prepare balsamic chicken wraps for instance, you will need 3.5 chicken ounces, Napa cabbage leaf, green cabbage leaf, garlic clove, ¼ t. pepper, fresh ginger, onion powder, balsamic vinegar and onion powder. To start with, mix together the garlic, grated ginger, balsamic vinegar, onion powder, chicken pieces, pepper and salt. Cook till the chicken has been thoroughly cooked. Then, add Napa cabbage and cook the cabbage slightly. Take the green leaf and roll the chicken mixture into a wrap.

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