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Remembering the past through hypnosis

Remembering the past through hypnosis
Remembering the past is possible through self hypnosis, a technique similar to the meditation process. This can be useful as a way of reviving your past by directly talking to the subconscious of your mind. If there is something that you did in the past or lost an item, the mind can at times create road blocks that makes it hard to gain access to the information stored in the subconscious. In actual sense, the information has been stored in the subconscious only that it can’t be accessed. Nevertheless, with hypnosis, it is possible to uncover lost memories by following a few procedures. 

First of all, it is essential that you identify a comfortable, peaceful place where you can lie down or sit. Actually, sitting would be a good thing as you can easily fall asleep when lying down. As you meditate, you will need to remain awake, conscious and alert. Start your self hypnosis by clearing your mind. Remembering the past through hypnosis can be achieved through speaking to yourself when you are completely relaxed. Just like meditation, try repeating a certain mantra and visualize yourself being completely peaceful. Keep focused and concentrate on breathing deeply.

For you to remember your past through hypnosis, it is essential that your whole body remains completely relaxed during the entire process. Try travelling your mind slowly by slowly through the body as you move from head all the way to the toes. As you travel down, relax the muscles. Relax your legs, toes, arms, fingers, shoulders, face and other muscles in between. Make sure that you are not gripping at any muscle in your entire body and let them get completely relaxed. 

Start counting backwards from ten and visualize yourself standing on the staircase top and start descending a stair at a time as you progress counting downwards. By the time you are counting zero, your body should be entirely relaxed. Remembering the past through hypnosis requires that you also enhance your thinking slowly and try visualizing the circumstance in which the thing happened. 

Continue repeating the messages and thoughts and your suggestion power will be at its strongest. Suggest to your mind that you will easily and quickly become fully aware of the event and details will start streaming in from your subconscious mind. Then, just open up your eyes, relax and wake up slowly by slowly. During the entire process, you should be very patient as being truly relaxed will take you sometime. 

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