Thursday, 1 August 2013

Evolution of social media

Evolution of social media
Nowadays, there is no doubt that the hottest property on the web is social media. Large organizations and many online marketers have realized the power of social networks in promotion of their businesses and boosting brand awareness. According to a recent internet survey conducted lately, it was clear that social networking is among the top most popular online activities as more and more people are finding them inclined into using these sites for various reasons. 

To reinforce this, social media platforms have included email interaction options which have made them even more relevant for use by businesses in their marketing efforts.
In fact, adults haven’t either been spared by this wave as most of them visit these social media websites regularly, some of them even on a daily basis. With social networking tools and platforms, people are finding it much easier to effectively participate in projects and conversations involving people from different parts of the world. 

As such, social media has provided the online community with an incredible opportunity for socialization as well as promotion of their business interests through social media marketing. Most online business owners are soon realizing that engaging with their customers by use of Twitter, Facebook and blogs makes it possible to cultivate long lasting relationships with the target audience. Likewise, most clients have shown that they feel satisfied when their most favorite businesses engage actively with them by use of social media rather than the boring traditional techniques. 

This may come at a surprise considering that most of these social media sites like Twitter are only a few years old. You might even wonder how the social media has risen to prominence all of a sudden, just a few years after being introduced. However, if you have been at the internet market place long enough, then you know that social media as a communication tool has been around for quite a long time only that most people didn’t realize. As early as 1970s, there were certain platforms such as usenets that allowed exchange of thoughts and ideas among people. Users of usenets could post their articles to the newsgroup such that every member of the newsgroup was able to read the articles. 

However, even with this being the case, there is no doubt that the art of social media has of late taken a completely different turn. Unlike in the past when social media was just another socialization tool, most businesses are currently finding it hard to survive without use of social media especially in marketing and promotion. 

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