Thursday, 1 August 2013

Test test and test some more

Test test and test some more
Seo testing provides a way of assessing how effectively your website has been optimized in the various search engines. Nowadays, you can test as much as you want as free seo test solutions have been introduced and you don’t have to purchase any software programs for testing. Use of such free assessment tools will provide you with an idea of whether your website meets the various standards required in search engine optimization. By testing, you get to examine the various website features which are of essence to the search engines and how they contribute to your website ranking. 

In order to know if your site has been optimized appropriately for top search engines like Google and Yahoo, there are various aspects of your website that you should be overly concerned with: keyword density, Meta description, Link Popularity, Meta Keywords, Indexation, Google Page Ranking and Indexation. There are various free tools for website assessment/ testing that will show you how well these aspects contributes to your web page optimization. Nevertheless, you can decide on whether you need to incur the unnecessary cost of buying a testing software or you will take the free approach. 

If you are interested about the seo free test method, you will first need to install Firefox Browse if your computer doesn’t have. Most importantly, it must have the Google Toolbar. Then you will need to download two add-ons; SeoQuake and Search Status. These two add-ons are quite exciting to use and will perform the test very effectively.

To start with the test, go to your website homepage and the search status will provide you a list of the various items you need to test. For the Google Page Rank, your browser toolbar has some graphic indicators showing how your different web pages have been ranked. Then you will find the Alexa Rank number which gives you information about the traffic which your website receives. A lower number simply indicates high traffic and some search engines will rank it as 1. 

The Meta Tag Function will open a window where the Meta Keywords and the Meta Description of your website. The task menu will also show you the keyword density in addition to other items such as how old your domain is and even the external links. This tool is customizable in that you can get as much information as you want by setting your preferences first. 

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