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World's best hypnotists

World's best hypnotists
While hypnosis has a wide, malleable and vast realm, the collective imaginations of human kind are manifested on the legacies of some few notable souls. Without the contribution of the world’s best hypnotists, modern day hypnotism would just be a field of fake hypnotizing stereotypes. One of the best and most famous hypnotists to have lived is Franz Anton Mesmer, sometimes described to as ‘father of hypnosis’. Franz is well known for the term, ‘mesmerized’. 

He discovered animal magnetism; something he said would cause a curing tide on patients. He believed that the animal was accumulated in his body and could pass it to others. This way, he claimed that he had the power of healing people by using his mesmerism process. While his animal somehow worked, later investigations showed that his treatment was rather imaginary but nevertheless, he developed a platform in which modern day hypnosis is based.

Another great soul in the field of hypnotism is a surgeon from Scotland known as James Braid. He is credited for coming up with the word hypnosis which he coined from Hypnos, a Greek word for sleep. Besides this, Braid investigated, developed and researched on techniques that could induce trance in individuals. He reckoned that his techniques were usable as anesthetics during surgery. The character developed by Svengali was dominative, manipulative, creepy and offensive and was characterized by his evil intentions. Nevertheless, he was still recognized as one of the best hypnotists the world has ever seen.  

The next on the list of world’s best hypnotists was The Professor. Spending most of his time on the ‘Gilligan’s Island’, he had to be a hypnotist to assist his Skipper remember the way the radio transmitter was to be repaired. While no one in the Island knew how to get the radio transmitter repaired, the Skipper could only do so during his sleep when dreaming. Krestin is another soul and even though he isn’t actually a hypnotist as such, he is an amazing mentalist on the tv. He can read minds and even predict future events. While he practiced hypnotism once, Krestin later came to say that hypnotism never exists. 

Uri Gellar is another great hypnotists and the British-Israel performer claims that he possesses psychic power. He is famous for hypnotizing Michael Jackson who developed increased cravings for the peanut butter. Lastly, snakes are known to be some of the best hypnotists in the world especially the swaying and slithering snakes which are able to hypnotize birds for their prey. 

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